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Harvested from perennial meadows, growing in the foothills of the Bavarian Pre-Alps, in southern Germany, Natural Meadow Cobs contain an appetising blend of up to 60 different species of naturally-occurring meadow grasses, wildflowers and herbs, and are high in fibre, yet low in sugars, starch and calories as the plants have been left to mature before cutting.  They are then coarsely chopped and high-temperature dried - in a facility powered by renewable biomass-fuelled electricity - and pressed into chunky cobs.

Nothing added, nothing taken away!
Natural Meadow Cobs contain no added vitamins and minerals so can be fed alongside an existing balanced diet, as an appetising additional fibre source, without causing any nutritional imbalances.  They’re also molasses-, grain- and alfalfa-free with only low levels of naturally occurring sugars.

High fibre forage alternative
The grasses are harvested at a point when fibre content is at its highest and comprises higher levels of structural fibre than many other soaked fibre sources, making them ideal as a replacement for long forages, like hay, haylage or grass.

The next best thing to fresh grass!
The aroma and texture of fresh grasses is brought out by soaking, making Natural Meadow Cobs perfect for tempting fussy or poor forage eaters, including working or performance horses, while also being ideal for those who struggle with grazing and chewing forages.

When can they be fed? 

  • Alongside any existing balanced diet.
  • As a replacement for, or in addition to, beet, chaff or unbalanced fibre mashes 
  • As a “bulker” with a balancer  
  • As a FULL or partial forage replacement or forage/fibre alternative 

For Every Equine
Being high in fibre and low in sugar and calories, the cobs can be fed to a range of horses, alongside their existing balanced diet.

The Good-Doer
Being high in fibre 30%, and with a calorie content (DE = 6MJ/kg) lower than many forages, Natural Meadow Cobs can easily be fed to add variety to a calorie-controlled diet, whether as a separate source of fibre or as a base to which a low calorie balancer can be added.

The Poor-Doer
Healthy gut function is essential to ensure a horse can extract as much nutrition as possible from their whole diet.  Ensuring fibre intake is consistently at healthy levels is an important contributor to this and Natural Meadow Cobs contain high levels of structural fibre which supports gut function.

The Stabled Horse
The winter months can mean lengthy spells in the stable with just a haynet for company.  Natural Meadow Cobs are perfect for adding variety to the diet as a tasty forage alternative or as part of a horse’s normal bucket feed, in place of traditional chaffs or beets.  Soak with plenty of water to increase hydration levels too.

The Working or Performance Horse
A busy working life can sometimes make it difficult to maintain healthy forage intake levels.  Natural Meadow Cobs are a perfect way to give a horse close-to-nature chew time and boost digestible fibre intake to support gut efficiency and a relaxed mental outlook.

The Fussy Horse
Whether fussy about their forage or about bucket feed, Natural Meadow Cobs will tempt their noses into the bucket!  Soak with warm water to release even more of the aromas and offer in a separate bucket, as a fibre alternative, or add to their normal mix, cubes or balancer.

The Old Pony
Poor teeth, no problem with soaked Natural Meadow Cobs!  Mature grasses and herbs are coarsely chopped so provide valuable structural fibre for healthy gut function yet are easy enough to consume for the dentally-challenged.  With low sugar and starch contents, Natural Meadow Cobs are suitable for many with special dietary requirements.


Must be soaked before feeding

Add 2 parts water to 1 part Natural Meadow Cobs   eg. 2 scoops of water to 1 scoop cobs.  (More water can be added if you want to help rehydrate your horse)

Soak time:  allow 30 minutes in warm water and 1 hour in cold water.

  • Ensure the cobs are fully softened before feeding.  The aroma and texture of fresh grasses is brought out by soaking, which also helps improve the horse’s hydration levels.
  • Feed as part of a fully balanced diet.  Natural Meadow Cobs contain no added vitamins and minerals so must be fed alongside the recommended amount of a mix, cube or balancer, to ensure a fully balanced diet.
  • When fed as a total forage replacement ie. when no other forage or grazing is given, feed at a rate of 1.5 – 2kg per 100kg of bodyweight (dry) per day.
  • When fed in addition to forage and/or hard feed, 0.5 – 1kg per 100kg bodyweight (dry) may be fed per day.
  • Divide total daily amount into as many smaller feeds, throughout the day, as possible.
  • A small number of Natural Meadow Cobs can be fed dry, if given as treat, by hand, for example, otherwise we strongly recommend they are soaked before feeding.