Forthglade Complete Meal Adult Turkey, Sweet Potato & Veg GRAIN FREE

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Naturally delicious, our nutritionally balanced grain free turkey natural wet dog food is free from junk & fillers, easy to digest and contains everything your dog needs to thrive. With 75% good quality turkey alongside sweet potato, vegetables, and added vitamins and minerals, this complete wet food recipe is bursting with goodness.

Our natural ingredients are carefully selected and gently steamed to retain as much natural goodness as possible, and ensure this hypoallergenic recipe is gentle on tummies. Perfect for dogs with sensitive tummies, this grain-free meal is easy to digest.

Suitable for all your dogs feeding needs, this complete recipe can be given as a standalone meal, a combination of wet and dry, or even as a tasty topper.

In a cool, dry place is best. Pop in the fridge after opening and use within 48 hours. Like most good food, it's tastiest at room temperature.