Tiny Friends Stickle Carrot and Brocolli Treats 100g

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Suitable for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Chinchillas.

Supreme Petfoods' original range - featuring Russel Rabbit, Gerty Guinea Pig and their famous furry friends. Providing pets with nutritionally balanced diets, developed by nutritional experts, all our foods are matched to your pet's needs for protein, energy, fibre (for healthy teeth and tummies), oils (for healthy skin and glossy coats), and vitamins and minerals.

Tiny Friends Farm Stickle Carrot and Brocolli Small Animal Treats 100g can be carefully hand fed to your pets, helping you to build those special moments together. Your pets will go wild for these tasty, tempting treats that are bursting with a blend of delicious ingredients. Tiny Friends Stickles can also be hung around your pet's enclosure to encourage foraging and gnawing. Stickles are suitable rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and chinchillas. Promotes foraging and gnawing and fresh from our bakery.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 22 x 6.5 x 3.5cm